Sunday, January 29, 2012

Initial Post

Hey There Readers!

My inaugural first post. Welcome to Coding in Transit, this blog will take you along through my journey in mass transit game development. Mass transit game development you ask?? For the last year or so I've been spending an hour to two hours depending on if I get a seat working on my game engine while I take mass transit to and from work. I've managed to develop quite a codebase so far and making good progress towards my first indie game.

A little background information on my self, I've been developing games professionally for about 6 years. I've developed some big games, I've developed some little games, and I've had a lot of fun along the way. I've been programming since high school, 12 years ago, we had a great computer science program at our high school and it opened a lot of doors.

This initial game I'm working to complete is sort of a racing game with Mario Kart elements crossed with the stunt elements of Danger Joe. The rendering style is sort of a retro approach using voxels to give everything a sprite sort of look, something like 3d dot heroes.

Hope everyone has fun following me along the way.

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